Hi, innovative makers and engineers, if you want
To expand the function of your product or component
To enhance the a certain power of your product
To reduce the cost but keep the same quality and functions
To make special components or other special request about high tech solutions, please contact with us.
  1. New formula design of painting or coating on a certain material, to increase a specific function or power. In-house or outdoor, heat-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, increase the hardness, softness, flexibility etc,.
  2. Perform Outsourcing, Consultancy and Training( I have enough team and connection in Vietnam to do these services, they are PhDs graduated in famous countries in Singapore, France, Australia, and experts/Trainers from Bosch, Intel, Danieli, SCSI (Vietnam) Quality Service,..)What we can do:- Product Development and Manufacturing Processes Development (design and structure analysis, modelling and simulation)- Measurement and testing- Material research and development.- Quality Management
  3. Acoustic speaker design: if you want to design a modern speaker with new shape or material, you need a lab to test and build.
  4. Functional materials: if you want your product equips more advanced waterproof, heat-proof, dust-proof, dust resistant, heat-resistant, insulation, more conductive, has more hardness, has more flexibility, has higher reflection….
  5. Functional materials: if you want find low cost or materials with the same quality or spec….
  6. Shoes and bags:
  7. Sport and Supporting equipment design:
  8. Automobile breaking system design:

if you have any idea and want to make it become a real product, please contact us.